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Stem cell treatment for hair loss

The hair definitely enhances our looks and grace. But in the present time having flawless and healthy hair is a dream only. Due to our unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits, pollution, stress, health issues, heavy medications the problem of hair loss is occurring at a very early age.

The hair loss initially starts from thinning of hairs and eventually leads to baldness with the increase in the number of hair loss. Losing hair specifically at a very early age is very distressing and affects a lot on the appearance and personality of a person.

Let’s discuss the symptoms showing hair loss.

  • Regularly falling hair from the head: commonly this type of hair loss is seen in male as well as in females.
  • Losing hairs from the whole body: this is quite unusual and occurs because of some health issues, medications and treatments like chemotherapy.
  • Loss of hair from many places and creating patches on the scalp: The main cause of this type of hair loss is fungal infection. In this situation the symptoms like swelling, rashes and bleeding can also occur.
  • Coin shaped baldness: it means when the baldness in one or two places is experienced in coin or circle shape. It can cause itching and pain also.
  • Unexpected loss of hairs: this happens due to some sudden and unexpected physical and mental shock. The mental stress weakens the hair and cause overall thinning and baldness not patches.

Causes of Hair loss

Let’s have a look on the causes of hair loss in detail:

  • Stress: the most common cause of hair loss at a very early age is stress. Our unhealthy lifestyles and day to day increasing pressure of work, home can weaken and damage our cells and can cause hair loss issues. Any sudden shock can also cause hair loss, but it can recoverable.
  • Genetic problems: the hair loss can also occur due to genes. This is very commonly experienced that the hair pattern of parents is followed in children.
  • Hormones imbalance and other health problem can lead to the hair loss issues at an early age and by the aging also.
  • Radiation therapies
  • Excessive hairstyling can also harm the scalp and the structure of hairs and cause hair loss.

Stem cell treatment is very effective in hair loss. This process does not require any surgery. The procedure is divided in two easy steps. First, they take some of your hair follicles from the patients head and multiply it by processing in the lab and subsequently the processed hairs are inserted in the scalp and help in re-growth of the hair follicle.

So, this treatment for hair loss is quite simple, risk-free, painless and most importantly showing very effective and efficient results. Stem cells play the role of maintaining the deficiency caused in the body due to some unavoidable circumstances. Stem cells are the latest and effective medical advance that helps the patient in holding a grip on the particular, deteriorating condition of the body and gain the strength back.