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Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a situation when a man feels unable to get his sex organ enlarged and rigid required for maintaining sexual intercourse. In other words, absence of erection in the male sex organ which is necessary for intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Technically, the penis has two round chambers with a number of blood vessels and one artery each in it. When the person gets excited about sex the brain starts its work and sends the chemical signal to the blood vessels. It gets open and flow of blood starts in the penis and when the pressure the blood catches in the chambers the penis gets erected. But in erectile dysfunction this flow of blood in the penis gets obstructed and causes the problem.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

These days the life is so busy and stressful that the problem of erectile dysfunction is extremely common. The erection procedure of male sex organ is quite typical as it involves various parts including brain so the reason of erectile dysfunction can be psychological and physical also.

First discuss the psychological cause’s means when it comes to mind the problems like stress, depression, nervousness, feeling uneasy stops it to support the body and cause erectile dysfunction.

Now let’s see few physical causes that can create erectile dysfunction.

The number of health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases can have a negative effect on the flow of blood to the penis and in case of diabetes the blood vessels got injured which can lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

The other reason could be the excessive fat, excessive intake of drugs and alcohol, heavy medication having side effect, bad eating habits, sleep disorders etc.


The main symptom of this problem is the inability in erection of penis, problem in maintaining erection and losing interest in sex.

Stem cell treatment of erectile dysfunction

Stem cell treatment is getting favored by the doctors because of its positive effects and minimum side effects. The patient’s own cells are taken from the abdominal portion and processed. After that, these cells are injected into the penis. Full procedure takes around 2-3 hours and done under local anesthesia. This naturally does the maintenance of damaged cells and tissues.

The results of stem cell treatment are quite satisfactory. So stem cell treatment can be a good choice for erectile dysfunction.

Stem cells are being the smart cells of one’s body that own the capacity to get multiplied. Stem cells can get developed in different parts of the body and can be used successfully to treat the injured area. It can develop into Cardiac muscle or brain or liver or even in the skin tissues. Stem cells are the growing technological update, which is working effectively to treat various types of diseases.

In place of organ transplantation or surgery, it is the best treatment which is effective, simple and safe for the body. Most health specialists are using this treatment to treat their patients.