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Stem cell treatment for Berger’s disease

The main function of kidney in our body is to filter the waste from our blood and maintain the water level in our body. It also helps in retaining the minerals which are useful for our body.

Berger’s disease is related to kidney. It is a situation when an immunoglobulin A (IgA) enters in kidney and restrains the proper functioning of the kidney. This is also called as IgA nephropathy.

Immunoglobulin A is basically an antibody which performs a positive role in the immune system of a human body. It attacks and fight with various bacteria, fungi, viruses and other infections. But in Berger’s disease this antibody gets accumulated in the tiny blood vessel of the kidney and cause inflammation which distracts the proper function of kidney.

Moreover the reason for the growth of Berger’s disease can be genetic problem, infections, Liver disease etc.

Symptoms of Berger’s disease                                         

Generally the symptoms of Berger’s disease do not occur at a very early stage as it usually takes longer period to grow. Few symptoms are as follows:

  • Change in color of urine. It seems like tea colored.
  • Presence of blood in urine is visible.
  • Inflated blood pressure.
  • Back side pains below ribs.
  • Swelling in your body, mainly in arms and feet.

The patient of Berger’s disease can suffer from the complication like:

  • CKD- it is a situation when the proper functioning of kidney gets disturbed and it eventually results in kidney failure.
  • High- blood pressure- Berger’s disease can cause hypertension.
  • Heart problems can also be diagnosed due to high cholesterol level.
  • Due to the lack of proper functioning of kidney the waste of blood gets accumulated in our body. It can create other issues like decreasing level of protein in blood as more and more protein is getting out through urine.

Berger’s disease can be diagnosed when the increased amount of protein and red blood cells can be detected in urine through routine test.

Stem cell treatment

Berger’s disease is a rare and severe kind of disease that affects the blood vessels. This disease requires immediate attention on part of the treatment. Various treatments are there to treat the issue, but stem cell treatment is gaining popularity these days. It is one of the most effective and lasting treatment available to treat various types of disease.

To avoid the side effects of steroids and medications on the human body in Berger’s disease, these days doctors are opting for stem cell treatment. Under this procedure the unaffected cells of the body which can be differentiated into many cells are injected in the body which can release protein, helps in growth factor of kidney cells and can helpful in slow down the progression of diseases.

This procedure has proven to be an effective and safe approach for treating Berger’s disease. Stem cell treatment helps in enhancing the capability of the blood vessels to restore the flow of the blood. Stem cells are known to bring effective results.